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Step Down Transformers
Electrical devices like step down transformers comprising two sets of coils can lower the voltage level of an AC electrical circuit. These are used in power distribution, and meet the voltage requirements of industrial machinery, electronic devices, household appliances, etc. 
Industrial Transformers
Our company supplies a range of industrial transformers, each of which serves a specific purpose in industrial applications. All transformers distribute electricity safely and efficiently. We have rectifier transformer, 3 phase auto transformer and many others in the range. 
Isolation Transformers
We have in our range single phase and three phase isolation transformers that are used for transferring electrical power from a source to a load while isolating the two circuits electrically to avoid the direct flow of current between them. This isolation offers the benefits of improved safety, noise reduction, and grounding.
Control Transformers
Get in touch with us to buy single phase or three phase control transformers to lower or increase the voltage levels based on the application. These transformers are used in commercial and industrial applications that use control circuits.
Air Cooled Transformers
Electric transformer known as air cooled transformer dissipates heat generated during industrial operation by using air as a cooling medium. The heat is usually dissipated into the surrounding air. It is applicable in applications where you cannot use the oil-cooling process. 
Power Resistor
Get your hands on specialized resistors for handling higher power levels and effectively dissipating heat. Our company brings forth two types of power resistors called wire wound resistor and dynamic braking resistor. 
Load Bank
Test and maintain power systems, generators, and electrical equipment using our inductive and resistive load banks. These are designed to investigate the systems for any kind of voltage regulation issue, cooling inefficiency, or fuel consumption irregularity in generators.
Power Transformers
Buy from us electric power transformers for transmitting and distributing electricity across varied voltage levels. Composed of primary and secondary windings, these transformers are also used for providing electrical isolation between the primary and secondary circuits.
Variac Dimmer
A device known as a Variac dimmer is used in controlling the intensity or brightness of several electrical devices used in theater and stage lighting, photography studios, and home lighting systems. It controls the light intensity by adjusting the voltage. 
Variac Transformers
Get Variac transformers for variable AC voltage output. The adjustable autotransformers are needed to precisely control voltage in lab setups, and facilities equipped with electrical devices and industrial equipment. These are crucial in testing devices and equipment under different voltage conditions and at different speeds. 
AC Chokes
Buy from us three-phase AC chokes for use in AC power systems for controlling and improving different aspects of electrical performance. These three-phase reactors or inductors are beneficial in harmonic filtering, voltage stabilization, reduced line current distortion, and improved power factor. 
DC Chokes
Electrical components like two phase DC chokes are beneficial in controlling and mitigating the effects of ripples in DC voltage. This is done to achieve system stability, improved systems overall electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and enhanced safety.